Livingston Manor - 2

October 10, 2005 - click on picture for full size


Overview of Livingston Manor looking towards Roundtop - Presbyterian Church upper right - circa 1900


O&W railroad model with DuBois House on the left and DuBois building on the right


Overview above enhanced


Livingston Manor aeriel view - note O&W "Y" upper right


Same aeriel view but higher


Blow-up of intersection of O&W tracks and Main Street


Overview of LM from Roundtop looking more to the West. Main Street lower right

__hr_parade 5.jpg
__hr_parade 5

Parade on Main Street - Resnick building?? Bank upper right - circa 1958?




Parade going down Pearl Street - Hoos building on left and Neuman (Van Aken) building in the center - circa 1940's


Purvis and later Jacktown - old 17 on right. Robin Hood diner now in center.


Flood ????


Overview towards Roundtop - Presbyterian Church Left center - Denman house in center. Note covered bridge over the Little Beaverkill in the center


Same shot a left but looking farther down the railroad tracks to the East - circa 1900




School in Shandelee - circa ??  know anybody?

__hr_shandelee  1959.jpg
__hr_shandelee 1959

Car that flew on top of Fries barn in 1959


1875 map of Shandelee with Sand Pond in the middle


O&W model of Livingston Manor Station


1920 map of the town of Rockland - Livingston Manor in the center

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